#Installation Guide

<p>[TOC]</p> <p>&gt; <strong>Special Statement</strong>: This updated version is a free test version and is informally commercial. If this is used as an official commercial use without permission, we will not be responsible for any after-sales problems, and any problems caused will also be borne by the customer.</p> <hr /> <h1>Download</h1> <p><strong>Update: 2024/5/31</strong></p> <p><strong>Latest Version:</strong></p> <ul> <li>HarmonyOS Next 7.0.4</li> </ul> <p>![Kalay1.0鸿蒙版_240530](<a href="https://www.showdoc.com.cn/server/api/attachment/visitFile?sign=9d497e02c1bf0d76e6b3229db59f480e&amp;file=file.png">https://www.showdoc.com.cn/server/api/attachment/visitFile?sign=9d497e02c1bf0d76e6b3229db59f480e&amp;file=file.png</a> &quot;Kalay1.0鸿蒙版_240530&quot;)</p> <h1>Installation</h1> <h2>1. HarmonyOS Next Installation Guide</h2> <ul> <li>System Requirements: HarmonyOS Next API 11and above.</li> <li>Method One: a. To install the hap package, you need to use the hdc gadget, <a href="https://peercat.cn/resources/oh/toolchains.zip">https://peercat.cn/resources/oh/toolchains.zip</a> ; b. Put the App's hap package into the unzipped folder of toolchains; c. Connect the phone and computer, and the phone needs to turn on the developer mode; d. Return to the command line and enter ./hdc install xxx.hap; e. When AppMod finish appears, the operation has been completed. If there are no other errors, the App is installed successfully.</li> </ul> <p>&gt; Note: The detailed operation steps are still subject to the actual third-party code scanning tool/browser/mobile phone system behavior. The above is for reference only.</p>