Alarm Video

<p>[TOC]</p> <h3>I. Summary Description</h3> <ol> <li>Alarm video function refers to the premise that the device has video recording conditions, when the alarm is triggered, the device marks the video of the alarm event in the time period as alarm video.</li> <li>The alarm Video function has the following detailed specifications: <ul> <li>Individual query access available.</li> <li>support for setting the length of time for alarm recording, including pre-alarm and post-alarm duration.</li> <li>support for alarm video protection function.</li> <li>support for uploading alarm video files to servers such as CMS/FTP.</li> </ul></li> </ol> <h3>II. Conditions of use</h3> <p>1, Equipment with video recording conditions. 2, Alarm linkage parameters are set correctly. 3, triggering alarm events. 4, If alarm protection is turned on, proper standard partition disk space is required. 5, If alarm uploading is turned on, networking capability and correct server configuration is required.</p> <h3>III. Cautions</h3> <ol> <li>This alarm video function is different from the video setting-basic setting, video mode selection alarm recording, optional or optional.</li> <li>need to trigger the alarm, and in the alarm settings - linkage alarm, turn on the video switch.</li> <li>alarm video file upload to FTP, you need to check what network the device is using, FTP settings in the transfer type need to select the same network type, it is recommended that the transfer type is fully selected.</li> <li>alarm video file protection needs to ensure that the standard disk space is sufficient.</li> <li>alarm video file protection need to view the number of days of alarm video files, can not be 0.</li> </ol> <h3>IV. Process guidelines</h3> <p><img src=";amp;sign=377b9c7be99dc9373110bc8d1b701a8a" alt="" /></p> <h3>V. Detailed operation</h3> <h4>1. Activate alarm recording</h4> <ul> <li>Detailed operation of starting alarm recording, using IO alarm as an example, other alarm recording can refer to the process.</li> </ul> <p><strong>1.1 First refer to the section on [Launch video](<a href=""></a> &quot;startup video&quot;), startup video.</strong></p> <p><strong>1.2 In the </strong>ALARM SETUP-IO<strong>, turn on the alarm enable, for example, IO1 is selected as the emergency alarm function, and set the corresponding alarm effective level, delay time, anti-jitter and other parameters.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=7d92d14b9f8e84a7e18b965114bdac64" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>1.3 In the alarm linkage page of IO1, the video switch is selected to be on, and only when the alarm is triggered will the alarm video be generated.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=8a9be9260fe25b8e9d8a76f7a86490a0" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>1.4 In the </strong>RECORD SETUP-Storage-Alarm<strong>, set the appropriate alarm pre-recording and alarm delay time, it should be noted that the parameter is valid for all alarms.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=cee3feec206874cc64d7068cefc09a5d" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>1.5 The alarm is triggered by changing the high and low level inputs of IO1.</strong></p> <p><strong>1.6 Waiting for the end of the alarm delay time, you can query the detailed information generated by the alarm event and the start/end information of the alarm video in the log query menu and video query menu respectively.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=aef8e9d82ea52897120d2640c40bf6c3" alt="" /></p> <h4>2. Use the alarm video protection function</h4> <ul> <li>Alarm video protection function, is to specify the conditions of the alarm video, in the standard partition backup a copy of data, according to the standard avi file format storage, in the video partition cycle override, not to overwrite the standard partition avi video files. avi video files in accordance with the specified protection time period independent override.</li> <li>Alarm video protection function, generally in the case of special needs to open, due to the alarm video data volume is difficult to predict, the alarm video file size and code rate / length and other relationships are more complex to calculate, set the number of days of protection, format the size of the standard partition of the disk allocation, etc., more difficult to deal with.</li> <li>You can refer to the following procedure to start the alarm video protection function:</li> </ul> <p><strong>2.1 First, refer to the previous section &quot;Activate alarm recording&quot; to enable the alarm recording function.</strong></p> <p><strong>2.2 In the </strong>MAINTION-Disk<strong> select Format Disk and set the appropriate standard partition size to store alarm protection video files.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=754fb16a72bbbecca30b95ba8c4131a4" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>2.3 In the alarm linkage settings, check the video locking and select the channel to be protected.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=a211d4c14139f46a0c78772675898fe1" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>2.4 In the </strong>RECORD SETUP-Storage-Alarm<strong> set the number of days for alarm file protection .</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=3285129b332af92dd87623fbde95f0ef" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>2.5 Triggering of alarms by changing the input of IO1 high and low levels.</strong></p> <p><strong>2.6 Wait for the end of the alarm delay time, continue to wait for a period of time (about 30s), insert the disk into the computer and observe the alarm video information generated.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=d5ae75206f87d46c97c58d928f12a059" alt="" /></p> <h4>3. Use the alarm video upload function</h4> <ul> <li>Alarm video upload function refers to the function of uploading the alarm video with specified conditions to the platform server. Currently, it supports uploading alarm video to CMS server, FTP server, etc. When the device video is cyclically overwritten, the data that has been uploaded to the server is not affected to try to guarantee the reliability of key data. This function will bring problems such as the increase of invalid network traffic and the demand for server storage space, so users can comprehensively evaluate whether to open this function according to their actual needs.</li> </ul> <p><strong>3.1 First, refer to the previous section &quot;Activate alarm recording&quot; to enable the alarm recording function.</strong></p> <p><strong>3.2 In the </strong>RECORD SETUP-Storage-Alarm<strong>, set the alarm file upload method, the method can be FTP/CMS.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=24648e87d3b287041f01903f49539bf8" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>3.3 In the alarm linkage settings, check the video reporting and select the channel that needs to be reported.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=2757a754439b9d74cb12684115330783" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>3.4 If you choose FTP upload, you need to set the parameters of FTP server.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=051b6ccf112e848e21ddcd6506f88632" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>3.5 If you choose CMS upload, you need to select the central protocol as CMSV6 in the network settings and set the correct parameters.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=caa0cc6f2e037168d0fa3176e6761dd6" alt="" /></p> <p><strong>3.6 The alarm is triggered by changing the high and low level inputs of IO1.</strong></p> <p><strong>3.7 After waiting for the alarm delay time to end, continue to wait for a period of time (network transmission is complete) and query the uploaded alarm video file on the platform side.</strong></p> <p><img src=";amp;sign=6298d7a5325f550c6950a1e8144ed555" alt="" /></p> <h3>VI. Common Problems</h3> <ul> <li> <p><strong>Video search did not search the alarm video?</strong></p> <ol> <li>Check whether the alarm is triggered.</li> <li>Check whether the alarm linkage setting turns on the video switch.</li> <li>Check whether the alarm pre-recording and alarm delay time settings are both 0.</li> </ol> </li> <li> <p><strong>No alarm video files are generated in the standard space on the disk?</strong></p> <ol> <li>Check whether the video switch is on in the alarm linkage setting.</li> <li>Check whether the video locking channel is checked in the alarm linkage setting.</li> <li>Check whether the number of days of alarm file protection is set to 0.</li> </ol> </li> <li><strong>Where can I view the video files uploaded to CMSV6?</strong> Login CMSV6, select the corresponding device number, in the Record-file type select Vehicle Device (video) to search view.</li> </ul> <p><img src=";amp;sign=6298d7a5325f550c6950a1e8144ed555" alt="" /></p> <ul> <li><strong>Alarm video files can't be uploaded to FTP server?</strong> <ol> <li>Check whether the FTP server parameters are set correctly in the network settings. </li> <li>Check whether the transmission type is set to use the network.</li> <li>Check whether the device network is smooth.</li> </ol></li> </ul>